After the success of last year's gaming convention in Hove, Gambit Games have decided to once again hold this event but this time try and go for bigger and better. Last years was organised to mark the 25th anniversary of Gambit Games UK, and the growth we have achieved since we  started in the spare room of a house with 4 members, to now running weekly events in Shoreham and a monthly meeting in Portslade.











Conquest 2015 will be one of the first

major events being held in the new

Shoreham Centre (due to be completed

by the end of July) We had over 150

attend last year and would like to see

lots more families attending this year.

One of the big joys I get is showing

families games that they can all enjoy

together, it's quite a buzz getting the

interaction going between people,

whether it's adults vs adults, kids vs kids

or kids vs adults. 


Conquest will be having quite a few tournaments going throughout the day with X wing, Attack wing, Bolt Action, Flames of War (all miniature tabletop) Lords of War, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh (Trading card games). There will others when details are confirmed. Also we have a lot of clubs coming down with a few different games , historical through to futuristic, so if their is a certain era in time that you enjoy, hopefully there will be a game for you.






The Iconic Legion will be down and hopefully we can encourage cosplayers to attend in their full costumes. Traders will be there selling everything from games, miniatures, graphic novels.


We would also like to put on a play testing area, so if there are any budding games designers out there, who want their game play tested, please get in contact.


If you want any details of any thing that is happening then contact us or pop along to one of our events, KD Games meets up every Tuesday night from 4pm till 10pm at the Royal George pub near Holmbush, Shoreham and Gambit Games has its game day on the last Sunday of the month in the Scout hut, Vale Park, Portslade.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.