Suppliers, Shops, Demos and Other Stuff...


From start to finish, Conquest will have side events and entertainment on the go. From top name suppliers, local clubs, free play space, Cosplay to prize givings. Conquest is shaping up to be a full on event.

Black Box Games


Black Box Games will be there demonstrating their award winning card game 'Lords of War'.


Black Box fully embrace audience participation and you are all encouraged to give there game a go, you'll be suprised how tactical it is.


They are also more than willing to talk about their journey through the production of the game, so any budding fans or future games developers should definatly attend and pick their brains.


For more info on them and their game -



Space Monsters is the magazine of classic film and television science-fiction. 

As well as selling copies of this great magazine Richard will be our COSPLAY judge.


More details can be found at :

Warlord Games


Our biggest Exhibitor and returning for a second year is Warlord Games. They will have a ful range of products on sale from there exciting games.


Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical miniatures in plastic, metal and resin.

Over the past 7 years they’ve released four core rule sets to cover everything from the Ancients, the Horse & Musket era, the Black Powder era, right through the World War Two and beyond!


Website :

Colonel Bills


Colonel Bills is an online retailer of Wargames.


If you are a Wargamer we recommend that you visit the Parade Ground where you can see examples of the painted figures that we have supplied in the past. You may also like to check the Notice Board where full details of events and conventions can be found - we attend all the UK events (except Vapnartak, York) and many within the European Union. Finally, of course we would encourage you to click on the 'Online Shop' tab and take a browse through the 1000's of items we currently offer for sale.

Website :

Brighton Heroclix


Brighton Heroclix, a local club with a wealth of clix and comic knowledge will be running some demo games. The club has been going for a number of years, meeting regularly and going to tournaments up and down the country.


So if there is anything you want to know about the game, Conquest is the best place to find out.


They will also be running a qualifier event for Clix for Cancer from 1pm.

A and B Gaming


A and B Gaming, is a Worthing based games shop. They run tournaments and social evenings.


Although they will not actually be able to join us this year due to running MTG prerelease events this weekend, they are still the sponsor of our X-Wing Tournament.

We would like to thank them for there ongoing support.

The Odd Soc


Sussex Universitys Games Club will be there to run the games library. People can come along a play games which include ...

Carcassone Catan (with expansion) Ticket to Ride - Europe, USA, 10th and Swiz/India expansion Lego Harry Potter (Hogwarts Castle) Munchkin Cluedo (ordinary and disney) Civilisation (big game that) Logo Billionaire Uno (orig and Toy Story) Resistance Pandemic 7 Wonders Star Realms Love Letter Sushi GO!, Scrabble, Firefly Shiney Dice, Bang the Dice Game, Splendor, Eight Minute Empire and many more.





KD Games are a family run company based in Shoreham by Sea that specializes in running gaming events as well as selling a range of gaming products through its online and newly open gaming shop.


The shop caters for several popular ranges including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Cardfight Vanguard, Heroclix, X-Wing Miniatures and Lords of War.


They regularily host gaming evenings at the Royal George on the Holmbush Roundabout in Shoreham as well as Friday Night Magic.


For more information visit there blog :



Based in Chichester Dogeared Games has developed Stak Bots whichs is a sneakily strategic, battling robots card game from DogEared Games that launched at the UK Games Expo 2013.


It is both simple and strategic, but most importantly it is a lot of fun. awarded it 5 out of 6 with full marks for player interaction. 


Modify the game to play how you want it to. It can be tailored to either casual play, in-depth strategy and deck-building, or anywhere in between and is suitable for older kids through to adults.

Antares Concepts


They design and build , out of wood, models of Rockets, Space Craft, Aeroplanes, Space Shuttles, Trains, Space Planes and Vehicles, either finished or ready for painting.

Details of there products can be found at ...

They can supply scratchbuilt models in mixed media, to our own design, of Futuristic cities, Space Shuttles, Spacecraft and other items via our sister website



A brand new card game from a local Brighton games designer.


It's a battle of power were your Influence and Affluence are weapons to take your opponent and his/her organisation down.
You take on the role of the head of Crime, of the Military, of the Church, of big Business... and try and become the only person with any control left. Players send their 'reprosentatives', thugs or followers to harras and bully the opposition, you trade material possessions for greater power and sometimes an 'unfortunate' incident may befoul you.

It's all to play for in the world that's only ruled by power!

The Oligarchy team will be at Conquest all day running demos of this great game, so go and check it out.

Gaming Books


Gaming Books is an online uk company which sells a wide variety of games which include...

Star Wars and Warhammer RPG
Imperial Assault
Dystopian Wars
Warhammer 40k
X-Wing and Armada

We are delighted to have them at this years conquest and if you would like to know a little bit more about them then have a look at their website ...

Riddlers Game


Home to all TCG, RPG, MMOLRPG. At Riddler's Game, they embrace all things Yu-gi-oh, Magic The Gathering, Cardfight: Vangaurd, Pokemon and Online Rpg's such as World of Warcraft. They aim to set up national and smaller level tournaments for games Such as Yu-gi-oh, Cardfight: Vanguard, Magic The Gathering, and Pokemon. This is a haven for people who wish to discuss duelling tips, trades, deck ideas, and arrange duels. They are a Brighton based organisation, and are in the process of expanding the realms of duels for Yu-gi-oh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Cardfight: Vanguard. 





Geek Central is an organisation dedicated to the propagation of all things cool and uncool, nerd, geek, trading card, board game, table top, sci-fi, et al



To conquer the world with a army of perfectly painted miniatures and a fustfull of Magic....



Geek Central is an organisation dedicated to the propagation of all things cool and uncool, nerd, geek, trading card, board game, table top, sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, collectible and cult lost childhood treasures... if it came in a blister pack, or is worth more unopened... then this is the place to find it... 


At CONQUEST they will be running an EDH event from 10am as well as some classic Game Cube action. 

Gordon will also be there to help us judge our COSPLAY competition.


Checkout their website : or facebook page.




The largest and probably the oldest gaming club in Brighton based at the King and Queen in Brighton.


They will be attending the event to run a Flames of War demonstration game.


They have also lent us a lot of scenery for the event - so we would like to say a massive thank you to Pete and everyone from the club


This year they are also running the Flames of War Tournament.




'Running every Thursday fro the Shoreham Centre from 4pm until 6pm, Shoreham Pokémon League aims to provide a weekly meeting where players can gather, trade cards and play games against each other.


At CONQUEST they will be running the Pokemon Tournament and Smash Brothers Challenge

Cogs and Claws


Brian 'Clank' Bennett will be with us selling copies of his popular comic Cogs and Claws as well as his new project Fish Tank.


Website :

Mad Robot Comics


A creative partnership of Matthew Hardy & Edward Bentley, producing the type of bat$&#t nutso comics that we know you will enjoy.


Comics include Madhouse, Last Exit to Brighton and Bogeymen Hunters.


They will be selling copies of their very popular Madhouse - remember to get yours signed.


Bedsit Games


Creators of the Brighton based board games ... BN1 and ZomBN1


There's crisis on the streets of Brighton - the dead won't stay dead. It was just rumours to begin with; concerned whispers about the potential effect on property prices. Now the whole city is under siege, the military is losing control and not one of these diseased shamblers remembers it was once vegan. 

Website :

Bryan the Stormtrooper


Bryan will be along to help us collect money for our charities The Shoreham Dogs Trust and Friends of Shoreham Fort. 


He will be out walking the streets of Shoreham with his 'blaster' and will create the ideal photo opportunities for the people of Shoreham.


I am sure he will make and appearance at the X-Wing Tournament at some point so any rebel plays beware!


Gambit Games would like to express there thanks to Bryan for giving up his time for such worthy causes.

The Mad Katter


As part of the Esdevium demonstration team your bound to meet Kat at some point during your day at CONQUEST. She is easy to spot in her hat or if she is not wearing it she has a red meeple tattoo on her wrist. (Guess which colour she plays)


She is also going to be selling some of her custom made T-Shirts, Dice Bags and other accessories.


If you want to find out more then have a look at her website (with some nice game reviews as well) :

Esdevium Games


Esdevium Games is an established, UK-based distributor of games, collectibles and toys both domestically and across Europe.

With over 30 years experience, Esdevium seeks to provide the highest possible standards of service to our retail customers.


They will be with us all day demonstrating some great games many of which will be on sale at the event.


If there is a game that you want to see please send us a message and I will see if they can bring it along.


Dice Saloon


Dice Saloon is Brightons newest gaming venue. They are committed to facilitating gamers needs online and offline. They aim to provide all of the games and accessories to you at competetive prices, while also giving you a high quality event center to play them in.


They will be with us all day promoting there brand new gaming centre, It will be a great oportunity for you to sign up for you membership package and arrange a time to pop along and have a look at this exciting gaming development.

The Friends of Shoreham Fort


As one of our main charity partners it is great that some of the friends of Shoreham Fort can be with us on the day.


Shoreham Fort is a great local historical attraction that is run entirely by volunteers. The work that they have already done in restoring what is left of the valuable site is amazing but there is still a great deal to be done.


They will be delighted to chat to you and let you know about all that is going on.


More details on their website :

TenSixtySix Games Club


1066 are from Hastings and are a well establish gaming group. 


We are delighted to have some of there players with us taking in part in some of the events and we are especially pleased to announce that they will be with us to demonstrate the great new game Guildball.


If you have not played then it is well worth popping along and having a go!


A big thank you from Gambit Games to the members of 1066 for agreeing to help.

ADLER Miniatures


Established in 1984, Adler Miniatres have been doing what they do for a while and the do it well.


They stock a wide range of historical miniatures covering everything from Nepolionic through to world war 2.


For more details see ...

The Cafe


The brandnew Shoreham Centre Cafe which is soon to be renamed the Pond Cafe will be open throughout the event offering a great range of hot dinks and food.


With coffee from as little as a pound and a wide range of food choices there really is no need to go elsewhere.

K&F Confectionery


One this for sure is that CONQUEST is a long day, starting at 10am and going on late in to the evening. Which means you may well get hungry for a snack or two.


Fortunately we will have a great selection of sweets on sale from 

Hemel Hempstead Wargaming Club


They are a tabletop miniature wargaming club based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.


They play a wide range of gaming systems from various publishers including Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wyrd Miniatures, Spartan Games and many more.


They meet at The Memorial Hall, rear of 37 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, on Monday nights (excluding Bank Holidays) between 7pm and 10pm. The Postcode for the Memorial Hall is HP1 1LD.

Whovian Occasions


Bring along with them a wide range of Dr Who props and memorabilia and offering you a chance to have a photo taken in the Tardis.


They will be giving 50% of the money raised on photos to charity so please make sure you take the chance to get a great momento of the day.


More details of the service they offer can be found on the website:



Selling primarily on eBay and Amazon Disfigured is a seller of geeky toys and collectables.


They have a wide range of Pop's including some very rare items.


Check out there products and feel free to contact them for any enquires! 


More information at :

Simon Wright


We will be joined by Simon Wright who will be selling MTG single cards.

Simon has been selling cards lokcall for the last year or two and has an extensive collection of cards to choose from.


Whether you need 4 copies of the all important rare for you standard deck 

or something older for a modern construction or even something for

legacy then Simon is the man to speak to. With prices that will not break the bank you should be able to get the cards you need.


If you need something in particualar let us know beforehand.

Gambit Games UK


We will of course be there it is our event after all. Most of our members will be busy running tournaments and trying to ensure that you have a great day. There will be a couple of members of the club running some demonstration games.


These will be ...

Aaron Lee, who will be running a Maulifaux demonstration and

Michael Russell, who will be running a Drop Zone Commander demonstration


There will also be a selection of Gambit products on sale including our dice.